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Our mission is to spread the art and expand any preconceived ideas of what art is. This page will grow and change as time passes to include any concepts and creations that find actualization. I hope for ideas and feedback from browsers to help feed and nourish the content of atomic conceptions.

The roots of creativity stem from the center of each of us. I have gone on to supplement this with schooling in fine arts in order to extend my understanding of the connection between the concepts we have and the materials we work with. The reaction one has to an object they view evokes a feeling, or a communication between the viewer and the subject. The creation and circulation of these objects gives us a chance to remotely share these feelings and communicate with each other in a most creative way, beyond the constraints of words. I am very interested in the potential of this idea and hope to hear from many people, even if to just reflect on what you see in your browsing. Ideally I would like to hear back from people once the have made a purchase and have had time to interpret their subject in their environment. Please feel free to contact us by emailat the address below.










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