Our jewelry is made one of a kind, not cast or of a series. If you like a design it can be used as a general guide to recreate a similar item, but it will be unique.This page will be growing so keep an eye on it. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Let us know what you want to see.

Sterling silver size 8 and 3/4 4mm wide 1.5 mm thick. Engraved on it is a continuous spiral which loops around a band in the center.   18K white gold wedding bands. These were made for a couple friends of mine and are not for sale. However, we can make you your own unique design. These have engraved on the inside "One Love" and "One Heart" from a Bob Marley tune they both love very much.   This is a ring I made for myself as a reminder of what I'm doing with my life. I have received many comments on it and believe we all have something to remember. We would be happy to make you one your size. It reads "remember" in a freehand script. Sterling silver

swirl kernels blank
Sterling silver, made of a swirled layer of curvature over two bands that converge on the underside. This is sold, but very fun to make and never the same.   Sterling silver with brass inlay soldered in the center of each of these kernel like nodules. This piece is on tour but can have its likeness rendered again. Some people have said it looks like teeth, but I see kernels.    



One of a kind signed Original Artwork. Atomic Conceptions also sells prints of our artwork available in three different sizes and with many customizable options. Click Here for More Info.  

Tableware Art Series.
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series of tableware sculptures.

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