This page includes drawings, paintings, and mixed mediums. Originals are available signed. We also make available prints which you can customize in size and color to meet your decor.

If you have a suggestion or idea you want made, we can do it. Some degree of interpretation may apply depending on how specific you can be.

Oil paints on canvas. I painted this with the idea of meditative focus and finding a center. The morning is a peaceful time when I have always been able to feel whole and balanced.   Oil pastels and washes of oil paints on heavy weight paper. This is the end result of a series of observational pieces of man made objects vs. those of nature. It came down to a VW hubcap and a large seed pod of some kind   Charcoals, pastels, and graphite on heavy weight paper. This is a study of objects found in nature in upstate NY. The composition is eluding to the circular flow of nature.
preliminary nature study   psycho storm   reclined human study
Oil pastels on heavy weight paper. This is a beginning of observations of natural objects, primarily focusing on contrast of light and dark.   Oil, acrylic, and poster paints on drywall severed unevenly along the top. This is a shared creation depicting our idea of a storm that might end all storms.   The human body is one of the most complex subjects to depict in art. This is a drawing of a model in a figure drawing class that took some notice.


One of a kind signed Original Artwork. Atomic Conceptions also sells prints of our artwork available in three different sizes and with many customizable options. Click Here for More Info.  
Tableware Art Series.
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